‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7: Paul Kaye’s Insecurity ‘Googled How To Act’ Before First Day as Thoros of Myr [Video]


"Game of Thrones" actor Paul Kane was terrified to the point that he wasn't able to get some sleep before his first shooting day as Thoros of Myr. In his state of panic, he went online and Googled "How to act," at 2:00 a.m.

Landing the role as part of the Brotherhood Without Banners on "Game of Thrones" was like the first day of school for the actor. At 51, Kaye shares that his confidence levels fluctuated and that he felt pressured the moment he was considered for the role of Thoros of Myr after undergoing six auditions, he recalled to Sunday Express.

Kaye is first and foremost a comedian. His role as the faithless Red Priest of the Lord of Light on "Game of Thrones" required a bit of heavy acting. Admittedly being aware that he lacked proper training, it might have contributed to his initial anxiety playing the recurring role.

His comeback to his recurring role as Thoros of Myr in "Game of Thrones" Season 7 is still speculation at this point. When pressed for comment, Kaye is careful not to say anything for fear of reprisals from HBO. He says he is still not sure if he will be coming back for Season 7 but he did point out that if he was in it, he would have started filming, according to the Independent.

There have been rumors that Kaye was spotted in Belfast which by all indication proves that the Brotherhood Without Banners is back on "Game of Thrones" Season 7. During the last season, the Brotherhood has made its peace with Sandor Clegane also known as The Hound.

Kaye became known in the 90s as the red-headed Dennis Pennis, a parody celebrity interviewer known for his rude questions and comments to his celebrity targets. His alter ego was also known for his outlandish outfits. He is regretful though that at one time as Pennis, he asked American actor Steve Martin why he isn't funny anymore.

While we wait for the coming Season 7, check out the production teaser in the video below.

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