Suicide Prevention: Strong Alcohol Policies To Help Prevent Suicide, Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Depression Treatment


On Sunday, Sept. 10 was observed as World Suicide Prevention. Sucide, an act of taking own life, is one of the leading causes of death among people age 15 to 24.

On Sunday, World Health Organization (WHO) took the chance to spread awareness of suicide prevention. According to the organization, about 75 percent of suicides in low and middle-income countries in 2012, a year when suicide was announced as a second leading cause of death.

Depression, a state of feeling sad, is one of the causes of suicide. According to medical experts, this preventable, News Gram reported.

On Sunday, some suicidal individuals spoke up, and revealed the warning signs of a suicidal person. The experts said, it is important to spot on the warning signs and learn how to respond once you notice it.

President of Mental  Health America, Paul Gionfriddo compared suicide to end stage of cancer.  He said, suicide is the ultimate stage four, late-stage event for people with other kinds of chronic diseases.

How To Prevent Suicide?

According to WHO, early detection is necessary to prevent suicide, Aside from that, diagnosis, and early treatment of depression and other mental health will prevent a suicidal person from hurting himself.

A former teacher in Gloucestershire, England, used to be a suicidal because of the devastating incident, thus, developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

In a report by USA Today, Hibbins traumatic experience happened in 2012, thus led her to set up the Suicide Crisis charity, a lifeline that helped.

"It was a terrifying, horrifying and very shocking experience," Hibbins told USA TODAY. "It was my own experience that showed me there was a massive gap in services," she added.

Suicide Crisis is one of the charities that aims to help people who have suicidal thoughts to deter harming themselves. 

Encouraging story for people who have suicidal thoughts.

Marieke Vervoort, a 37-year-old wheelchair racer has a degenerative spinal condition that can make sleeping and eating impossible, and causes so much pain, according to CNN. She received an assisted suicide approval in Belgium in 2008.

Despite of her condition, the Paralympics 2016 athlete becomes stronger, and the suicide approval she received is the reason why she is alive.

"If I didn't have the papers, I think I would have already committed suicide," Vervoort told the reported.

Vervoort won silver medal 400-meter finish in the T-52 category over the weekend.

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