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Academic News on Indigenous People: Aboriginal Students Needed in Law Schools

May 25, 2016 AM EDT Academic news on indigenous people recently highlights aboriginal students that are encouraged to apply to law schools.

Commencement Speech 2016: The Cost of Inviting Celebrities to Speak at Graduation

May 21, 2016 AM EDT How much does it cost to listen to inspirational message from famous people at a graduation ceremony?

HIV Cure: Scientists Use Editing Technology to Cut HIV DNA

May 21, 2016 AM EDT HIV cure developed by Temple University scientists find that cutting HIV DNA might eradicate the virus.

Trump University Lawsuit: State's Highest Court to Decide $40 M Students Compensation

May 19, 2016 AM EDT Trump University lawsuit will face the highest court in New York after earning the rights to argue the fraud lawsuit filed by its students

Random Number Generator: Study Finds New System to Make Lottery, Computer Security Unpredictable

May 19, 2016 AM EDT Random number generator in today's world is predictable. University of Texas researchers find new method to generate high-quality random numbers that aren't easy to predict.

College of Medicine Funding Program to Encourage Doctors Find Balance in Teaching, Working

May 13, 2016 AM EDT The University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine introduced an academic clinical funding plan. This plan has been used by many medical schools in Canada and it aims to provide doctors with ...

No Correlation between Brain Cancer and Mobile Phones, Study Finds

May 09, 2016 AM EDT Researchers want to know if there is a link between mobile phones and brain cancer. To find out, they go back to a few decades ago.

Student Tips on Taking Gap Year Like Malia Obama: Luxury or Necessary?

May 06, 2016 AM EDT The President's first daughter, Malia Obama, who is also taking a gap year before enrolling to Harvard, might seem to confirm that taking a break before entering university live, is a good idea.

Gender Pay Gap: No Place for Academic Women?

May 02, 2016 AM EDT The debates on 'ideal cheerleader poster' are getting real; but let's not forget about the war in academia that has been going on like an iceberg phenomenon, still undiscovered but significant.

This Statistics Show What 1,000 Students Regret The Most on Their Courses

Apr 29, 2016 AM EDT These respondents were aware of the effects of their course choices but they wish they'd known better.

Cuban Academic Fired for Unauthorized Information Leaks; Fidel Castro Thinks His Time Has Come

Apr 26, 2016 AM EDT The Cuba best-known academics and economist fired for sharing information with the United States without authorization.

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