This Statistics Show What 1,000 Students Regret The Most on Their Courses


These respondents were aware of the effects of their course choices but they wish they'd known better.

Obtaining answers from more than 1,000 respondents applying to universities, the survey finds that only 53 percent of them felt satisfied about the information given regarding their A levels. However, 41 percent of the A-level students said that they wish they had known more about relevant subjects, benefit for securing a spot in the university. Almost half of the respondents said that A-levels are not challenging enough.

Students are not aware that the A-level subjects they chose are affecting their degrees

The survey conducted by Which? reported that A-level is a vital decision that could be affecting a student's degree but it is also important to 'being clearly understand' about the decisions instead of 'just know it'.

Furthermore, the poll also noted that 30 percent of the pupils were disappointed on advices they heard regarding the subject options. They also said that these opinions failed to inform them 'how each subject has an impact on their degree'.

The poll finds that 28 percent students who applied for higher education said that they regret choosing the A-level subjects. They also wished they'd picked better options on the studied courses.

According to Study International, the A-levels have significant influence over applications but many schools failed to recognize specific qualifications in disciplines. The data simply claimed that students did not put the thought deeper than they should have.

The survey simply indicates how young people realized too late that they chose the wrong subjects. Alex Neill from Which? suggests students to keep in mind about two things, degree courses and future careers, when choosing A-levels. The website has developed a useful tool to examine A-level and give degree ideas to students including alternative options as they build route to university. 

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