These 5 U.S. Cities Have More Entry Level Jobs; Affordable Housing for College Grads 2016


A recent research using LinkedIn database finds that there are big cities that tend to give college graduates, more job opportunities alongside less-expensive rentals and moderate living cost.

The statistic-backed research can provide a map for recent graduates who wish to have career path for better living in metropolitan cities. This report uses LinkedIn data and published at Trulia, with elements measured include housing, entry-level vacancy, and salary.

If you are a grad, looking for a job and a place to live, why not head to these five metros.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is a city that combines all elements needed for college grads to kick-start their career. It has affordable housing with the population made up of mostly young adults. Trulia recorded a score of 91 percent affordability in the city's rental market.

Indianapolis, Indiana

College grads find that settling in Indianapolis give them more amenities with low cost of living. According to Movoto, the house rent in the city is 33 percent cheaper than the average. Trulia recorded 93.5 percent of affordability score for new grads in Indianapolis. It also has a high population of grads with up to 4.3 percent of the total number.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City has a new grad population up to 4.1 percent with affordability score reaches 93 percent. LinkedIn data also shows the job opportunity for new grads scores 0.92.

Minneapolis, St Paul

Minneapolis comes on fourth place with the most graduate opportunity. It is also an affordable city for with up to 94.1 percent rate.

Columbus, Ohio

The report shows that the metro has 91 percent affordability score with the new grads population reach more than 5 percent of total populations.

Among the 40 cities, CNBC has learned that Miami is the last best option for college grads to seek entry level career opportunity due to the high cost of rental market.  

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