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Rashmi Kalia

WHO warns of onslaught of diabetes epidemic

Nov 15, 2015 AM EST The World Health Organisation's Regional Director for South-East Asia, Poonam Khetarpal, announced on the World Diabetes (November 14) day that diabetes is a global epidemic which kills one person ...

Ecological instability led to smaller species

Nov 14, 2015 AM EST According to new study led by the University of Pennsylvania, a mass extinction 359 million years ago known as the Hangenberg event was followed by a transformation of the vertebrate community.

Number of smokers in the U.S. decline

Nov 13, 2015 PM EST The number of smokers in the United Stated of America has declined by a remarkable 20 percent during the last 10 years, according to an announcement by health officials.

Autism increasing among U.S. kids

Nov 13, 2015 AM EST According to a new government estimate of the prevalence of Autism in 2014, about 1 in 45 Children in the United States has an autism spectrum disorder.

New vaccine reduces cholesterol better than daily statins

Nov 13, 2015 AM EST A team of researchers has created a new cholesterol-lowering vaccine that will also help reduce the level of bad LDL in blood.

Permanent flu vaccine could soon be a reality

Nov 12, 2015 AM EST Two separate studies have claimed that researchers are close to developing a universal, and perhaps even a permanent, influenza vaccine that should then eliminate the need for repeated shots every ...

Obesity rates in the U.S. on the rise

Nov 12, 2015 AM EST A new government research study shows that obesity is still rising among American adults, with women having overtaken men in the obese category.

Losing a parent increases risk of suicide for kids under 18

Nov 12, 2015 AM EST A new study says that kids who lose a parent when they are young are more likely to commit suicide later in life as compared to kids whose parents survive until they are adults.

Chest compressions with pauses saves more lives

Nov 10, 2015 AM EST A new study has found that patients who are administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation with pauses for ventilation during chest compressions recovered better than patients who received CPR without the ...

Dark sense of humor a sign of impending dementia

Nov 10, 2015 AM EST A new study reveals that a dark sense of humor could mean that dementia could be in the cards.

Belly fat increases the risk of premature death

Nov 10, 2015 AM EST A new research study reveals that excess weight around the middle can increase the risk of premature death even for people considered normal weight,

Grilled, barbecued meat increase the risk of kidney cancer

Nov 09, 2015 PM EST A new study has linked consumption of metals cooked at high temperatures to kidney cancer risk, suggesting that cooking process may be a factor.

Fossils of Dog Sized Rats Spotted in East Timor

Nov 09, 2015 AM EST Fossils of what is believed to be the World's largest rat ever were found on East Timor in Southeast Asia

Vitamin C Can Kill Cancer Cells

Nov 08, 2015 PM EST A new study suggests that a high dose of Vitamin C can kill cancer cells that cause colorectal cancer.

Ebola epidemic ends in Sierra Leone

Nov 08, 2015 AM EST Sierra Leone marked the end of the Ebola epidemic with celebrations and a candlelight vigil.

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