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Rashmi Kalia

Slow walking associated with risk of Alzheimer's

Dec 03, 2015 PM EST A new study has revealed that a slow walking speed in older adults is associated with higher level of brain amyloid deposits that puts them at a high risk of developing dementia.

Scientists create new substance that is harder than diamond

Dec 03, 2015 AM EST A group of scientists have uncovered a substance, that they say is harder than diamond by applying a physical process to carbon.

WHO warns against food borne diseases

Dec 03, 2015 AM EST The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday warned against the contaminated food epidemic that makes at least 600 million people, or 1 in 10 worldwide, fall ill each year and causes the death of ...

Women with stage IV breast cancer now have better survival rates

Dec 03, 2015 AM EST In a review of medical data, researchers have found that the chances of survival of women with stage IV breast cancer are getting better, especially for women who undergo surgery to remove the cancer.

Too much TV might dull young adult brains

Dec 03, 2015 AM EST new study suggests that young adults who watch a lot of TV and exercise little may be at risk of damaging their cognitive ability later on in life.

Diabetes finally on the decline, says CDC

Dec 02, 2015 AM EST The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that diabetes case numbers are on their first sustained decline since 2009.

Gene linked with breast, ovarian Cancer also Linked To Alzheimer's

Dec 02, 2015 AM EST A new study has found that a gene associated with ovarian and breast cancers plays an important role in the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists and ethicists debate over editing of genes in human embryo

Dec 01, 2015 PM EST The use of the powerful gene editing tools in human eggs, sperms and embryos that can change the DNA of unborn children is giving rise to heated debates between scientists and ethicists.

Anti-AIDS drugs taken before and after sex can prevent AIDS

Dec 01, 2015 AM EST A new study shows that taking just a few anti-AIDS pills before and after sex can reduce the risk of HIV infection by 86%.

Male and female brains are basically the same, says study

Dec 01, 2015 AM EST A new study suggests that there is no such thing as a distinctly male or female brain.

Bird Nests evolved from dinosaurs, says study

Dec 01, 2015 AM EST A study involving the remains of 30 different dinosaur eggs suggests that the innovative style of building nests by the dinosaurs evolved into the nesting styles of modern birds.

Asthma Sufferers are prone to chronic migraines

Dec 01, 2015 AM EST A new study suggests that people who suffer from occasional migraines may become susceptible to chronic migraine attacks later on if they have a pre-exisiting asthma condition.

Roche drops out of the 'superbug' antibiotic project

Nov 30, 2015 AM EST Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding has announced that it has dropped out of the project to develop an antibiotic for treating "superbug" infections.

Alzheimer's cure possible due to synapse discovery

Nov 30, 2015 AM EST A team of researchers belonging to UNSW Australia scientists has discovered that the links between brain cells are obliterated during the onset of Alzheimer's disease, leading the way for a number of ...

Sugar-Free Drinks could cause dental problems

Nov 30, 2015 AM EST A recent study by researchers at the University of Melbourne's Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre suggests that sugar free products can cause measurable damage to the tooth enamel.

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