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Rashmi Kalia

Scientists locate happiness center in brain

Nov 24, 2015 AM EST A new study by researchers at Kyoto University in Japan has revealed the location of the brain that is linked to being happy.

Novartis granted FDA approval for drug combination for skin cancer

Nov 23, 2015 AM EST Novartis AG has been granted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's regular approval for its drug combination to treat an aggressive form of skin cancer.

Amazon trees at risk of extinction

Nov 22, 2015 AM EST Scientists have found that half the species of Amazon's trees may be threatened with extinction because of massive deforestation.

Pregnant women can indulge in moderate coffee drinking

Nov 21, 2015 AM EST According to a new study, an occasional cup of coffee taken by pregnant women does not affect the intelligence or behavior of children in the long run.

Weekend oversleeping may be bad for your health

Nov 21, 2015 AM EST According to a new study, sleeping late on weekends can be bad for health as it disrupts the regular sleeping patterns of a person.

Healthy foods are relative, study suggests

Nov 20, 2015 PM EST A new study has suggested that the definition of healthy foods may differ from one person to another.

Parasitic worm linked to increased fertility in women

Nov 20, 2015 AM EST A new study reveals that women who are infected with a certain species of parasitic worm are more likely to become pregnant.

Bacteria resistant to colistin discovered

Nov 20, 2015 AM EST Scientists have discovered a bacteria mutation that is resistant to an antibiotic, colistin, that is administered against virulent strains of E. coli and pneumonia,

Sex once a week is enough to keep us happy

Nov 20, 2015 AM EST According to a study published in the journal of Psychological and Personality Science, there's definitely a link between sexual frequency and happiness for people who have sex about once per week.

Human brain exhibit more plasticity than the brains of chimps

Nov 19, 2015 AM EST According to a new study, the human brain is superior to that of chimpanzees even though chimpanzees are intelligent creatures capable of solving some complex problems.

Brain wrinkle linked to schizophrenic hallucinations

Nov 19, 2015 AM EST A new study suggests that structural brain differences, specifically a brain wrinkle found in the frontal lobes, may be responsible for hallucinations in some cases of schizophrenia.

DNA from tooth fossil shows link to human cousin

Nov 18, 2015 PM EST A fossilized tooth from Siberia has led to the discovery of a newly found species of ancient hominids called Denisovans.

Losing your sense of smell might be a warning for Alzheimer's

Nov 17, 2015 AM EST A new study suggests that losing your sense of smell might be a warning of the start of Alzheimer's disease.

Alcoholism drug can kill dormant HIV

Nov 17, 2015 AM EST A new study has revealed that scientists seeking a cure for the AIDS virus have discovered that the same drug designed to combat alcoholism can kill dormant HIV hiding in the body.

NASA sees giant vortex on Saturn's Titan

Nov 15, 2015 AM EST NASA has spotted a giant polar vortex brewing on Titan as winter sets in on the satellite's South Pole.

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