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NASA Posts ‘Golden Record’ on Soundcloud


NASA has provided people the access to sounds which are meant for aliens to hear by posting the 'Golden Record' on online audio distribution platform Soundcloud, the Economic Times reported. 

SoundCloud will enable the users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds that are included in the 'Golden Record'.  

NASA selected the 'Golden Record' to be sent on the Voyager spacecraft that was launched in 1977 to take impressions of our planet to interstellar space. The intention was to introduce aliens to the life on our planet.

The committee that decided the selection of sounds to be included in the 'Golden Record' was chaired by NASA's Carl Sagan.

The sounds could be accessed on the web for a while but were available in poor quality and scattered around. The 'Golden Record' gives access to users to high quality versons. 

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