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Dead Humpback Whale Washed up at Pacific Manor Beach


A carcass of a humpback whale washed up at a beach in the city of Pacifica and was observed by the beachgoers on Sunday, as reported by The San Francisco Chronicle.

Since April this year, a number of dead whales have been found along the Northern coast of California. A humpback whale washed up on Sharp Park Beach in Pacifica in May.

The large, humpback whale was found on Sunday morning in the surf in the 400 block of Esplanade Drive on a stretch of beach, known as Pacific Manor Beach, reported CBS SF Bay Area.

The details about the deceased whale and its cause of death were not immediately available.

Marine Mammal Center spokeswoman Laura Sherr said that the personnel from California Academy of Sciences and the Marine Mammal Center will keep a close watch on the carcass of the whales and the sea tides to ascertain if they can safely perform the procedure of the necropsy.

In July this year, the carcass of a sperm whale was found on the beach near Mori Point. The dissection of the whale had revealed no official cause of death, leaving the scientists confused over the cause of the death.

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