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'The Legend of Zelda' Wii U News: ‘Extended’ Demos Expected at E3 2016; Early Access for 500 Fans at Nintendo NY Store

May 27, 2016 AM EDT Attendees of the E3 2016 convention next month will be able to see two new demos for the new "The Legend of Zelda" game on Wii U.

Top 5 US National University Rankings 2016 ; Liberal Arts

May 27, 2016 AM EDT We created a list of top ranking national universities for Liberal Arts in the US to help you decide your final college decision.

Study Found Doctors Prescribe Antidepressants Not Just for Depression; Is it Dangerous?

May 27, 2016 AM EDT A study found that doctors prescribe antidepressants to patients with symptom barely related to depression.

Baylor University President Ken Starr Too Focused on Football to Handle Reports of Sexual Assault?

May 26, 2016 AM EDT Baylor University President Ken Starr has kept mum about reports of sexual assault in the campus but worries well enough for football, according to reports.

Animal Rights Group Cover Themselves in Blood and "Human Meat" Packaging to Protest Barcelona Meat Consumption [VIDEO]

May 26, 2016 AM EDT In lieu of Barcelona declaring itself a "vegetable-friendly" city, an animal rights group protested by packaging themselves as human meat to voice their discontent.

'Dead or Alive 5: Last Round' DLC News & Updates: New Costume Pack DLC Based Off Gust Games [VIDEO]

May 26, 2016 AM EDT The "Dead or Alive" ladies can be decked out in the latest costumes based off "Atelier" and other Gust games in the newest costume pack DLC.

Newly Discovered Dinosaur Fossil Challenges Darwin's Theory of Evolution; Marine Reptiles Evolved More Quickly

May 26, 2016 AM EDT A fossil of a newly discovered dinosaur revealed that marine reptiles evolved more quickly after the mass extinction as it did not look like its ancient relatives.

'Tekken 7: Fated Retribution' PS4 Release Date & News: Bandai Namco To Unveil Console Version on E3 2016? [TRAILER]

May 26, 2016 AM EDT As "Tekken" fans eagerly await for the Iron First Tournament 2016, rumors say Bandai Namco will announce the PS4 version of "Tekken 7: Fated Retribution" at E3 2016.

Academic Search Engine metaBUS Coming June 2; Research Findings Now Easier to Find! [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

May 26, 2016 AM EDT The metaBUS is an academic search engine that allows researchers to easily search for published findings.

Apple MacBook 2016 Rumors: Mysterious 13-inch Retina MacBook to Replace MacBook Air Line?

May 25, 2016 PM EDT Apple is reportedly doling out a mysterious 13-inch Retina MacBook soon. Is this the end of the MacBook Air line?

Xbox E3 2016 News & Updates: Microsoft to Launch Xbox Two Gaming Console? [RUMORS]

May 25, 2016 PM EDT With gaming companies gearing up to showcase their games at the E3 2016 event next month, will Microsoft launch the Xbox Two as well?

'Gran Turismo Sport' VS 'Gran Turismo 6' Comparisons: GT Sport Graphics More Advanced [WATCH VIDEO]

May 25, 2016 AM EDT A video evidence comparing the video graphics of the PS4 Exclusive "Gran Turismo Sport with "Gran Turismo 6" shows the former is far more superior.

College, University Education Alternative: Career and Technical Education Could Be an Option

May 25, 2016 AM EDT For those who find a college or university education expensive, career and technical education could be a suitable alternative.

University of Oregon Fraternity Trashes Lake Shasta; Officials Apologize and Investigates Incident

May 25, 2016 AM EDT A frat party presumably by college students of the University of Oregon left Lake Shasta littered with vast amounts of garbage.

iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 5 Specs, Release Date, Rumors: Apple Releasing Both iPads Before September iPhone 7 Event?

May 24, 2016 AM EDT The iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5 may be released just before Apple's highly anticipated major event for their iPhone lineup this September.

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