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Toyota Partners With MIT And Stanford University For Its AI Research

Feb 13, 2017 AM EST Toyota has announced that it is partnering with MIT and Stanford University to push its AI and robotics endeavor forward

What A College Student Can Do With $5 To Improve Their Future

Feb 13, 2017 AM EST If you think $5 cannot buy you a lot, think again what it can do to your future

Remembering Thomas Edison: The Genius With More Than 2,000 Inventions

Feb 13, 2017 AM EST Thomas Edison is truly a remarkable inventor and remembering him on his 170th birthday is just a fitting memorial.

Harvard's New Technology That Could Revolutionize Brain Implants

Feb 12, 2017 PM EST Harvard Medical School has been testing a new technology that would make brain implants more practical and effective.

Why The President of University of Washington Allowed Milo Yiannopoulos As Guest Speaker

Feb 12, 2017 PM EST UW president Anna Mari Cauce finally speaks up why she allowed Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at the university

Stanford University Teaches You How To Create A 'Unicorn', The Start-Ups That Make Millionaires

Feb 11, 2017 AM EST Stanford University leads the way in terms of producing graduates who went on to establish billion-dollar startup companies.

10 Steps On How To Be More Financially Responsible In College

Feb 11, 2017 AM EST Being financially responsible does not have to wait but it can start now while you are still a student. Here are some tips how to do that.

Mark Cuban, Ansel Elgort Headline 2017 Celebrity NBA All-Stars

Feb 10, 2017 PM EST The NBA All-Stars Celebrity game will be headlined by Mark Cuban and Ansel Elgort

The Internet of Things And The Security Challenge

Feb 10, 2017 PM EST The Internet of Things devices are growing but so are he risks; thus, ways how to improve and strengthen security is becoming a challenge.

Google's Deep Mind Discovers AI Has The Tendency To Become Aggressive

Feb 10, 2017 AM EST Google researchers have found out that AIs can be both aggressive and cooperative in certain social situations.

MIT Scientists Develops Magic Material That Acts Like Pores On The Skin

Feb 09, 2017 PM EST The MIT Self-Assembly Lab has developed a new kind of auxetic material that does not require human interaction to respond

College Financial Aid: Why Are Offers Different From Each Other?

Feb 09, 2017 PM EST Here are some insights to give you an idea why college aid offers are different from each other.

Google's New AI System Can Restore Even The Most Unrecognizable Image

Feb 09, 2017 AM EST Google has refined its AI with a new system that is able to identify blurred and pixelated images by enhancing the resolution.

The Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony, And Michael Graham 'Love Triangle'

Feb 09, 2017 AM EST The spat between Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony, and Michael Graham seems to be escalating after Jackson's tweet.

Dow 20,000: It's Significance And Impact On Investors

Feb 09, 2017 AM EST Dow has reached a historic 20,000 levels but what is really its significance and impact on investors

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