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STEM Experts Show How to Motivate and Nurture Interest Among the Youth


The modern world is dominated by the fast-paced change of technology and the future generation needs to keep up with the pace. However, experts revealed that despite the encouragement the youth receive nowadays to pursue STEM-related courses, there is a big lack of students who are enrolled in these areas. Thus, they advised that the encouragement should not only come from teachers but from parents as well. Here are some tips they gave parents to open up the interest of children in STEM:

Evaluate your own feelings and experience with STEM

Even if the most open-minded people have deep-seated feelings and ideas regarding the 'norms' on who or what kind of people succeed in STEM-related courses or careers. Once these feelings and ideas are identified, resolve to let go of those notions and beliefs as well as personal biases that would hinder you to encourage your child towards STEM.

Introduce STEM as early as possible

Introduce STEM to your young children by reading STEM-related materials and literature to them. You can bring them to science museum exhibits and introduce simple science experiments to them.

Encourage curiosity and reward them for it

Sixty-five percent of those who are in STEM-related careers say that they became interested in STEM when they were in elementary. In the same way, parents should encourage their children to ask questions and find answers for those questions. Create an environment at home which is conducive to cater to the child's curiosity and experimentation.

Find after school STEM-related extra-curricular activities

There are always STEM-related activities online and offline which cater to kids. Enroll your child to a coding or robotics class. Invest in STEM-activity kits and expose them to other STEM-related events on a regular basis.

Find mentors that will provide additional guidance

Those who have thrived and became successful in STEM careers said that they have an inspiration - a teacher or another adult - that strengthened their desire to take the path towards a STEM career.

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