Online Tools Help Students Figure Out How Much College Really Costs [Video]


The United States is one of the most popular destinations in the world for international students. However, it is also one of the most expensive choice. The cost of higher education in the US is really pretty daunting but there are funding options for students to make the cost more affordable.

According to College Board, the total cost of college nowadays can already reach more or less $45,000 a year, including the board and room, if the student decides to attend a private institution. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by just the mere thought that this is how much college education really costs today. But with scholarships and financial aids, it is possible to make the expenses more bearable.

And while it is a bit hard to figure out how much college really costs, here are some online tools that will make it a lot easier for students to accurately compute their college expenses according to CNBC.


This app which was developed by Phillip Levine, a Wellesley College economist, is a new simple cost calculator that is now being used by many students from Dartmouth, Columbia and Vassar. The user will have to answer eight questions about their income, investments and home ownership to be able to arrive at an estimated cost. It only takes about three minutes to use the tool and it will immediately show how much income the user makes in a year, the amount they have saved and invested.

Net price calculators

Net price calculators are tools that are available in the websites of many colleges. They help students calculate for the amount they have to pay for college after grants and scholarships.

College Navigator

In, families can use the "Net Price" table to that they can pretty much get a run down on how much exactly they need to pay for college.

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