The Better Alternative On How Students Can Afford College Without Student Loan Debt [Video]


Many Americans would agree that pursuing college and earning a degree can give them the financial boost that they need for the rest of their lives. Reports have shown how an average college graduate can make more income compared to non-degree holders or an average high school graduate.

However, it is not easy to obtain a degree without having to spend a significant amount of money for college. This is why most students would take on student loans in order to afford college education. In fact, according to Student Loan Hero, more than 44 million borrowers are in student loan debt. But here's the catch. There are actually ways, in fact, creative ways for students to be able to pay for college without having to borrow money.

For those who have already exhausted all options when it comes to scholarships and financial aids, there are still ways to be get creative and afford college education. Here are some of those ways according to Elite Daily.

Consider modeling

There are plenty of options that students can find when it comes to modeling. They can be a model for a local ad campaign, for some local artists who want to make a bigger name, etc. Aside from the extra cash, this could be an added exposure for students especially when they get to be seen on the social media.

Think of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding for education is not a bad cause. And it is worth a try because it can easily be shared and spread in the social media. There might be a lot of individuals who could extend a helping hand.

Be a counsellor during summer camp

Becoming a camp counsellor can open doors of opportunities for students to their dream college. The money will be able to help pay for the tuition, and the experience is also something that can they can leverage on if they want to take a paid mentorship or leadership position in the long run.

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