College Life: Student’s Guide to Making the Most of the 4-Month Summer Break [Video]


It won't take long before summer vacation, the most awaited break of most of the students, will start again. And this year, as soon as students are done writing their final exams, they will have a few months stretch of vacation before another school year begins. For most students, they already beginning to list down plans on how they can keep themselves busy over the summer. But for some, they want to make the most of this break to be productive.

Ann Douglas, a parenting expert and author of Parenting Through the Storm, said that there is really no right or wrong answer to how a student should be spending their summer vacation, Global News reported. She said that it boils down to a person's priorities and identifying which goals can be attained at the moment.

Alyson Schafer, a parenting expert and author of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, on the other hand has said that this is the only time students get to have this opportunity before they graduate from college, which is why they have to make the most of it. Schafer said that students must be able to tell themselves that they have accomplished something during their summer breaks, and as to how they can make it happen, here are some tips.

Do internship

Because most of today's companies and employers expect their applicants to be job-ready, a productive internship will greatly help, according to The Journal. Most of these employers would prefer to see work experience more than post-grad qualifications.

Replenish bank account

Students have difficulty managing finances during the school year, and summer break is the best time for them to look for part time jobs to earn as much money and be able to return to school.

Schedule time for relaxation

Everybody needs a break from stress and pressure and everything about school. Students must also make time for the things they love to do, the things they are passionate about. Otherwise, they will remain feeling exhausted and burnt out.

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