Age Of Triumph: Bungie Wants Destiny Fans To Take A Throwback Before Moving To 'Destiny 2' [VIDEO]


It's the buzz of the gaming world, Bungie's first-person shooter game Destiny is about to get another big event this week. The original Halo maker is now getting ready for the next big day, the second livestream for Age of Triumph. The livestream has already been set for Wednesday, March 15, starting at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

According to GameRant, the Bellevue, Washington-based company has already confirmed that Age of Triumph will be the "final live event" for Destiny as it prepares to launch Destiny 2 later this year. The second Destiny livestream, which is titled "Rituals and Strikes," will feature Destiny senior designers Tim Williams and Joe Sifferman. The Destiny's livestream will be made available on Bungie's Twitch channel.

The first Destiny livetstream event was held a week ago and it confirmed that all of the game's raids, including those of Vault of Glass, King's Fall, Wrath of the Machine, and Crota's End, will make a return to the first-person shooter game. The third Destiny's livestream for Age of Triumph is yet to be announced, while the Age of Triumph update arrives on March 28 on PS4 and Xbox One. The Age of Triumph is said to include a few number of Raid content that had been previously left behind by Bungie.

As mentioned by The Express, Destiny's last big update will arrive this coming March 28. It will bring a few number of Raid contents that has been reportedly left behind by the game developer. The UK-based website also reported that the new weekly rituals will be the next big hot topic for Destiny and Bungie is said to host a new livestream on this hot topic by next week.

Additionally, Bungie has also confirmed to the Destiny fans that all raids are set to become playable again. And now, they're being brought up to the current Light Level, Bungie said. In addition to the Raid content, Bungie is also adding new gear to the old raids, in fact, a new Vault of Glass helmet has been teased by the Destiny development team during the first Destiny livestream.

When Age of Triumph arrived on Destiny, the game developer will begin a weekly rotation of raid challenges that rewards Destiny players with new and updated gear. Each of the four raids will become the weekly challenge throughout the month of April, Bungie added

Bungie also explained to the crowd that the very first revamped raid to be featured in the weekly challenge will be Crota's End. According to Bungie, Crota's End is a fast-paced raid that first introduced in Destiny's first paid expansion, "The Dark Below."

David Dague, Bungie Community manager, has told the media that Crota's End has undergone probably the most changes as part of Age of Triumph, and that's why they choose it. Bungie wants to get those changes out in the wild and it wants players' feedback about it. For those Destiny fans that are interested about Xur and finding out Where is Xur, Destiny fans will get more details about Xur at The Express website, which has posted the full lineup of stock.

Destiny's last big update, Age of Triumph, will be Bungie's final gift to their Destiny fans before moving to the next game, "Destiny 2." That sequel will allow Destiny players to transfer their character's looks, but none of their gaming experience or even equipment. But before "Destiny 2," the upcoming update will give fans first a chance to re-live their most memorable gaming experience. 

Bungie's next first-person shooter game "Destiny 2" will launches later this year. Check out Bungie's Youtube teaser below.

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