Age Of Triumph: Bungie Makes Its Final Wish For Destiny Fans: One Last Game For Destiny!


Bungie is readying for the next major Destiny update and the final gift to the Destiny fans. The game developer will livestream to Twitch to fully unveil Destiny's next major update, Age of Triumph. The next and final Destiny update are set for release this coming March 28, Tuesday.

According to Daily Star, which got the full details of the livestream story, the Destiny livestream event will start on March 8 at 6 p.m. UK time. Today's livestream will be the first of three live streams throughout the month of March, which aimed at celebrating the final live update of the original Destiny release.

The Destiny's livestream, which can be viewed on Bungie Twitch channel, will feature Bungie's Lead Designer, Ryan Paradis, and Sr. Raid Designer, Joe Blackburn. Bungie's Destiny livestream have been broken down into three streaming schedules namely: First is the Age of Triumph Reveal (March 8), the second one is the Age of Triumph Weekly Rituals (March 15), and the third and the last is the Age of Triumph Sandbox Update (March 22).

As mentioned earlier by Business Insider, Age of Triumph is said to offer something that players have wanted for a long time, a chance to revisit the Vault of Glass. Bungie has already released a teaser trailer that confirmed the return of the Vault of Glass and Fatebringer. The teaser trailer also revealed that the Age of Triumph will include a 13-pages Record Book, which said to give rewards for completed activities, along with class-specific quests that Destiny players need to complete.

According to Bungie, the Record Book will offer rewards for completing a number of activities in the Record Book, and even more special rewards for completing certain Destiny activities. One big reminder for Destiny players, everything in the Record Book is tallied across the player's Destiny account, which means that everything the player done to their active characters, will still count

The developer also noted that Destiny players won't need to complete every single activity in the Record Book in order to get all the rewards available. For those players who already hit rank 7 in the Record Book will now have the opportunity to buy a unique item from the Bungie Store.

Finally, Age of Triumph will be the last big new content for Destiny before the arrival of Destiny 2 later this year. But Bungie has dropped a bombshell recently that the Guardians' physical appearance or anything they have earned or purchased on the Destiny game (Light level, weapons, armor ) will not be able to carry to the sequel, Destiny 2.

Fortunately for some Destiny 1 fans, Bungie community manager David "DeeJ" Dague has also noted that the studio has no plans to retire Destiny even if the sequel hits the gaming world later this year. As for the live update for Destiny, Bungie will require every Destiny players some good requirements. Players must have the game's most recent paid expansion Rise of Iron, to able to gain access to the new Destiny content.

The Age of Triumph is said to be a part of Bungie's plans to bring the first major chapter of the Destiny adventures to its closing stage as the game slowly makes its way towards what the gaming world believe will be a full Destiny 2 reveal at the upcoming E3 2017 event on June. Stay tuned for more Destiny update.

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