Blizzard Still Blur On 'Diablo 4' But Shares New Details About 'Diablo 3', Confirms Season 10 And Necromancer DLC


Blizzard is making another big announcement for the company's hack and slash role playing game, "Diablo 3." The game studio has just announced to the gaming world the start of the Season 10, which is said to see the debut of the game on PS4 and Xbox One. Blizzard made the huge announcement this week.

As mentioned earlier by Blizzard on the official Diablo website, Blizzard has recently confirmed the end date for Season 9, which will be on March 17 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Two weeks after that, Season 10 will come and start on March 31 at exactly 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Additionally, Blizzard also explained in a Blizzard blog post that the Season 9 end would mean the wiping out of all leaderboards for seasonal Diablo characters. Blizzard also mentioned that the event will also lead to the characters transitioning to non-seasonal characters along with Paragon level carrying over. Each game season is said to carry a unique gaming experience with highly sought after treasure and loot; however, Diablo players will need to know first how long they have left to get one season's rewards and when they can start hunting for the next season's rewards.

Some of the biggest changes that will happen when "Diablo 3" Season 10 start would be the game being made available on both game consoles. However, Blizzard has not yet announced how long Season 10 will last, and that fans still need to wait for official words about this.

In other Diablo-related news, Blizzard has reportedly losing Diablo fans due to the long delay of the sequel. The fans have been waiting for too long for the official words about the much-awaited "Diablo 4" to enter the development stage. But Blizzard gave no details about the sequel and has maintained radio silence about this.

Now comes the unthinkable, Blizzard has been losing some of its fans since some of them don't want to settle for next major expansion, the Necromancer DLC. The carnage can be seen everywhere, "Diablo 3" is losing players and that Blizzard has failed to address some of the most important issues.

According to Opptrends, the release of the game's next major expansion, the much awaited "Diablo 3" Necromancer DLC may have eased the fans' long misery. Diablo fans have been waiting for so long for the arrival of the "Diablo 4" release date, unfortunately, the date they're hoping for has not come. Blizzard is currently working on remaking the original game, focusing on the new Necromancer class to Diablo 3, so it will be a while before the Diablo fans will see "Diablo 4."

Blizzard official has not provided any further details when the exact launch of the patch is, Hunt has only said that the update will become available sometime in the middle of this year. Furthermore, GameRant has reported earlier that the game studio has been working on a new Diablo and that the recent job posting may hold the answer for this rumors. According to GameRant, there still a possibility that the job posting was for the expansion of "Diablo 3," but it does likely that this is about the formation of a new team, which suggest a new game development.

As for the next big update for "Diablo 3," the Necromancer DLC, which is expected to bring new contents on board, will be going to need both the "Reapers of Souls" and "Diablo 3."

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