Conan Exiles Dev Talks More About Next Update, Also Explains The End-Game Mechanic Purge


Conan Exiles is about to get another update, something more challenging and adventurous. Developer Funcom is reportedly busy working on the next update. The week, Funcom has shared new details of the future plans and contents of the planned Conan Exiles update.

According to GameSpot, Conan Creative director Joel Bylos made a good conversation with the media on the subject of what's next for the MMORPG survival game Conan Exiles. The creative director talked about a new area expanding the existing map into the highlands, featuring new creatures, armors, weapons and a new temperature system.

It's a great place for hardcore gamers looking for real adventure and a whole new kind of survival challenge, this might be the ultimate challenge for them. Players may explore vast wasteland and even scale tall mountains in the unforgiving rugged terrain and weather-beaten part of Hyboria.

As mentioned earlier by GameSpot, the first batch of Conan Exiles updates will include mounts that players can find and tame out, but larger and more powerful mounts will require multiple players to capture, the developer said. Another impending game update is a dye crafting system that can be used to change characters' color schemes, however, this update is still on works.

Siege warfare will also be getting some revamp," allowing players to craft siege weapons, wall-scaling towers, and even used the infamous Trojan horse to take down enemy cities. Additionally, the developer also details two siege weapons which include a trebuchet and a corpse locker. The corpse locker is said to allow Conan Exiles players to collect dead diseases-infected bodies and then launch them at enemies to spread disease, just like in the real-world Mongol era.

Then, there are these sorcery things, which allow players to experiment with necromancy and do some sacrifice to gain new sorcery powers. The developer provides the highland biome and new cave dungeon to get players out of the desert, and eventually, defeat puzzles and combat trials.

Finally, the developer discussed the Purge, an end-game mechanic in which NPC armies will gather at the edges of the map in the survival game. Funcom stated that Conan Exiles players will need to build up defenses in their cities to stop attackers. The developer also added that Purge armies will include powerful special NPCs that is based on characters from the Conan fiction.

In other Conan Exiles-related news, the survival game Conan Exiles has been described by some analysts as the company's last ditch of effort to avoid bankruptcy. In a recent interview with Engadget at GDC, Conan Exiles creative director Joel Bylos explained that the company was so close to bankruptcy before Conan Exiles made a lift. The company has been struggling at that time and was borrowing from investors to cover the payroll.

In an effort to get out of the miserable life, Funcom seeks SteamSpy for help to find out what sort of games sold strongly enough to keep the company alive, and one that the company could afford to make. Luckily, SteamSpy has the answer- a plethora of dodgy survival games on Steam.

 Amazingly, Funcom plan paid off: Conan Exiles has just recouped its 13-month development budget of $4.5 million in just one week, making it as one of the best-performing titles in the industry. Developer Funcom didn't expect that at all that the naked barbarian simulator Conan Exiles has just saved the company from bankruptcy.

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