SEGA Reprints Limited Copies Of First Four ‘Yakuza’ Games Back In Circulation

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Coming right unexpectedly, SEGA reprinted the first four "Yakuza" games back in circulation. However, it is coming out only with limited copies.

The limited reprint of the four "Yakuza" games is available at Amazon and Canadian retailer Video Games Plus, Digital trends reported. Though unorthodox for any company to produce old games, it seems, however, appreciated by fans.

According to the report, it is not that difficult to find Yakuza games aside from the less successful sequel of the franchise, "Yakuza 2." Reportedly, a used copy of hard to find titles often exceeds $100.

Producer at Atlus USA Sam Mullen who also manages SEGA's JP line up, Tweeted that a retailer in North America placed the reorder for the classics. His Tweet immediately got responses asking where they could get their hands on the limited copies.

Based on Twitter comments, the reception of the news is generally positive; one even posted asking anyone to encourage some retailers in Europe to do a similar thing. Most Twitter post is directed at acquiring "Yakuza 2" for them to complete their collection. Another even hinted a reprint of "Yakuza 5."

According to Siliconera, the first four SEGA "Yakuza" games are available Video Games Plus at $38.40 each. If it is purchased in a bundle, it is $138.25. The games are also available at Amazon, "Yakuza" and "Yakuza 2" costs $49.99 each, while "Yakuza 3" and "Yakuza 4" is pegged at $39.99.

The original "Yakuza" was released in 2005 and 2006 in Japan and North America respectively. So far, the SEGA game has five sequels with multiple spin-offs. The first two games of the series got an HD port but were Japanese exclusives. The PS3, which can play the ports, is region free but there were no English subs or voice acting leaving dedicated gamers to play with a guide.

Some fans now ask if SEGA will give "Yakuza" a modern remaster. Unfortunately, the Japanese original "Yakuza 6" was not a big success in Japan upon its release last year. Therefore, investing resources to remaster the "Yakuza" games is unlikely.

Though not that of a success in Japan, "Yakuza 6" is still on track for its release in North America in 2018. On the other hand, "Yakuza 0," the prequel to the original "Yakuza" came to North America last month and has established itself as a critical darling in the U.S.

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