Solar Eclipse On August 2017 Lasting Almost 3 Minutes Attracts Astrologists And Chasers


A solar eclipse this August 2017 will open a three minute window. Which is why star gazers, astrologists, eclipse chasers, and 11 teams of NASA researchers will spend three minutes of their lives looking into the sun and soak up as much science as they can.

The solar eclipse that is happening this August 21 is still considered to be a rare event. A person would at least witness one solar eclipse event in their lifetime. A solar eclipse happens when the disc of the moon completely covers the sun. The bright light from the sun's disk is subtracted and chasers can see the corona more clearly - as much as possible.

For those who are planning to travel to Egypt, China, Australia and the Faroe Islands on Aug. 21 to view the solar eclipse, Kristine Larsen, the Astronomy professor from Central Connecticut State University, says that anyone can view the eclipse.

An inexpensive way is to purchase a special solar eclipse viewing glasses or utilize pinhole projectors made out of cardboard, as reported by Central CT Communications.

But this year's solar eclipse is going to last a little under three minutes, as reported by Space. People see the sun every day but not a lot is still known about it. Scientists try to gather as much information as they can which is why NASA is sending 11 science teams out to work on separate science experiments.

Solar eclipses are a great opportunity to get more information. This August, experts will look into the sun and the Earth with new instruments and open discussions on the subject. Although they have a coronagraph available that can study the sun's aura, analysts still find it difficult to get a clear picture.

This year's solar eclipse will have a great August gathering. With airplane experiments taking place and ground teams doing their part as well.

But just so you know, hotels are already fully booked according to Tech Insider, watch the video below:

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