Inmates Complete College Education Through Calvin College Prison Initiative

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Inmates inside prison walls are getting a second chance at life. According to reports, one of the biggest challenges inmates face is not inside the prison walls, but outside. Leaving prison is considered to be one of the hardest.

That is because inmates would need to face life once again and try to gain employment. At Handlon Correctional Facility in Ionia, inmates are getting a chance to make some changes when they get out and head back to work.

Handlon Correctional Facility is in partnership with a local college through The Calvin Prison Initiative, as reported by Fox 17 News. The facility is proud to announce that they have 17 inmates who are ready for the workforce. This Friday, these 17 prisoners receive their certificates of completion at the Convocation ceremony through their Theological Seminary program.

These students went through a year and a half of Calvin College Education. In order to complete their bachelor's degree, they would need to finish it in five years. In total, there are 37 inmates enrolled in the Calvin Prison Initiative. The program is lead by faculty and staff from the college and Calvin Theological Seminary. For a few days each week, they teach courses and classes to these prisoners. Students from Calvin are also lending a hand through mentorship.

Some of the inmates are school drop outs. Being led astray and went out of control, they commit crimes. Having something inside the system that can help them become better members of society and ready for the workforce is a huge help.

Ken McKee, the Deputy Director, says that the prison only had programs on helping inmates adjust to life outside after release. With this new initiative, they are looking at the problem in a new light. The Calvin Prison Initiative brings hope, dignity and the opportunity for real accomplishment, as featured in Calvin.

Check out the TV 8 news clip below for more details:

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