Need Psychological Counseling: College And University Students Has Mental Health Concerns


Psychological counseling is currently a high demand in public university students. According to Cheryl Nowell, the assistant Vice President of Counseling and Health Services in Florida International University, they are trying to keep up with the huge demand.

University students flocking towards mental health specialists for psychological counseling is astonishing. Counselors and experts would be fully booked for the week but these students are willing to wait up to a month to get an appointment with them.

Right now, Florida International is overwhelmed with this demand that some students are even going to off-campus therapists if they are unwilling to wait for an appointment with the counselor, as reported by The Tampa Bay.

The major reason why these students are coming in for psychological counseling is because of mental health concerns when it comes to their academics. The stress of their degree is the biggest factor. It would then lead to depression, anxiety and ruin of some relationships.

However, this shift in demand can be looked at in a positive light. In comparison to previous years, students are now more willing to come and get help. Before, they would not even have the voice to ask for help, as reported by WLRN.

For the past few years, counseling centers have reported that they are seeing more students coming in to their clinics with urgent concerns. Currently, they are looking into suicide crisis and depressions.

In order to cater to the high demand in psychological counseling, centers are adding group therapy programs because they see students with similar issues. They are also pushing an online program called Therapy Assisted Online. There are also apps out there that can help. But even though there is access to help, there is still a higher demand.

Counselors find that college and university students needing psychological counseling are not ready for a group therapy session. Instead of going online, they would rather get the feel of a one on one therapy session instead.

Columbia Health also offers psychological counseling and assistance, watch the video below for more details:

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