LIGO Researchers Detect New Set Of Gravitational Waves [VIDEO]

Jun 02, 2017 AM EDT The researchers at the LIGO facility has recently detected a new set of gravitational waves. It was determined that the two black holes that fused together to create the gravitational waves were a lot ...

Scientists Confirm Existence Of Seventh Planet Around TRAPPIST-1 [VIDEO]

May 24, 2017 AM EDT It was recently confirmed that the existence of the seventh planet around TRAPPIST-1 is real with proper evidence. The researchers also said that the seventh planet might be too cold to have life.

Solar Eclipse On August 2017 Lasting Almost 3 Minutes Attracts Astrologists And Chasers

Feb 13, 2017 AM EST NASA, gazers and solar eclipse chasers are going to soak up as much science as they can in the coming August 2017 solar eclipse.

Sun's 'Solar Twin' Found, Eats Planets For Breakfast

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST A planet-eating star has been found 300 light years away.

Tiron: Anti-Oxidant Keeps Skin Younger and Protects Against Skin Damage, Study

Jan 16, 2014 AM EST Newcastle researchers have found a natural way of protecting skin from harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) radiation and premature aging. Experts say that tiron, an antioxidant, provides 100 percent protection ...

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