College Mascots Play A Huge Role During Game Day


A college mascot is a person wearing a costume that is thought to bring luck and represent the school. Mascots are often fictional representatives and are usually being used for merchandising. That is because the college mascot takes on the form of the school logo.

During game day, college mascots are an integral part of the sports universe. They come out with the players, get the crowd pumped up, do cart wheels for every score and many more. They are part of the game and the fan experience.

But not a lot of people know who these college mascots are. According to Steven Solberg, a college mascot coach from Purdue University, they are college students, as reported by NCAA. They are men and women inside school logo costumes.

And becoming a college mascot is not easy. Solberg explains that in Purdue for example, students have to go through a rigorous try out process if they want to be a Purdue Pete college mascot full time. He adds that some of them were mascots in high school, even.

Sparky the Sun Devil, the college mascot from Arizona State, has to prepare mentally and physically. In order to portray Sparky, the student (who chooses to keep his real name a secret) says that it is more than just jumping around. The mascot has to have the important and necessary skills.

Around the country, students are already trying out for the college mascot spot. The Pantagraph reports that West Virginia University has already narrowed down their pick for the Mountaineer Mascot to four students.

Those who want to become the next college mascot would need to enter try outs. They will be judged based on their improvisation skills, use of props, dancing, creativity, professionalism and many more. But most importantly, they need to take on the mascot's personality.

For the most part, Sparky says that one of the difficult things he encountered is finding a place to change into the character.

Watch this Fox Sports news clip for some mascot triva:

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