University Of Southern California Talks Snapchat And TV Programming With Jefferson Graham


By now, a lot of online social media users know that getting that online presence for celebrities, businesses, and news out there is essential to reach their audience and market.

But Jefferson Graham, a Los Angeles-based columnist for USA Today, talks about why Snapchat is recently being pushed into TV programming.

What is Snapchat in the first place? Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile app where users are engaged in short clips of the user's daily posts. Snapchat was a tool for teens to send pictures and videos that would disappear in ten seconds, as reported by USA Today.

But private users are not the only one benefiting from the exposure, TV shows are also getting in on the Snapchat game.

Snapchat itself is expanding and will roll the production of original "shows" in the platform. Disney, NBC-Universal and Turner Network's TBS and Adult Swim are in on the act. They are utilizing the short attention spans to get the users engaged. They have a demographic ready to feed on the snaps and streams. TV programs are going to use the short-lived entertainment platform to share snippets of their shows, commentaries, or news.

It benefits both parties. Snapchat wants to give its users something more to watch and these TV programs get to publish their features. For example, E News offers news highlights in under 10 seconds or "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" featuring Fallon's skits.

Snaps and streaks are something a lot of users thrive on for entertainment. Snapchat has emphasized that it is important to the lives of more than 150 million daily users, as reported by Bloomberg.

Now, businesses are using this market to broaden their scope. Millennials are also using Snapchat to push out their side hustles.

Watch this news clip from USA Today for some related news:

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