College Party Must For 2017: Get Ready For The Oscars!


Colleges and universities everywhere celebrating an Oscars Party is considerably a hallmark tradition where students gather and often dress up in order to celebrate their famous celebrities winning various awards. But being students, parties can often be on a budget. However, Oscar parties can still be awesome even though the wallet is tight.

How can college students throw an Oscar party? Here are three affordable ways to achieve the Oscars College Party 2017:

Keep the food simple

Cooking can take up so much of one's time, as reported by USA Today. Make a one pot foodie source like a turkey queso for example. There are also vegan recipes that are easy to prepare. The less pain in preparation, the better. Chips and dip are the most easiest to prepare. And when it comes to sweets, an eggless dessert like chocolate cookies can be easy on the budget. Using the ingredients you already have on hand is definitely a warm hug to the budget. And never forget the champagne. There is a $12 bottle available out there that is easy on the pocket compared to the $40 French version

Oscar Bingo Cards

When it comes to games, there are printable Oscar Bingo cards available online. If you already have games in mind but thinking about what prize to give is haunting, finding something in the closet can be a good place to find that one great prize.

Its All About The Deocor

When decorating, there is no need to splurge on expensive decors. Using affordable red felt and some gold crepe paper can do the trick. It also challenges everyone to get creative.

A lot of college and university students are keeping an eye out for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's "La La Land" nominations. The actors and the movie received the most nominations, as reported by ULoop. After the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, a lot of people are looking forward to a diverse group this year. For this Oscars College Party 2017, who do you think will wear the best gown?

Want some inspiration? Watch Vanity Fair's version of the Oscary Party below:

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