Uber Drivers Possibly Jobless From #DeleteUber, Lyft Gets Excess


Uber is just one of the many tech companies that have provided jobs to millions of professionals and these Uber drivers may just lose their jobs after one mishap.

Thousands of Americans who use the smart phone app for their transportation needs rely on the app's services. But because Uber did not participate in the one hour transportation strike at JFK Airport, thousands if not millions of online users are trending the hash tag #DeleteUber. The transportation strike is in response to President Donald Trump's administrative changes on immigration.

While other drivers unions and associations participate in the transportation protest, Uber was allegedly intentionally not joining in order to continue earning, as reported by Gizmodo. During the one hour protest, Uber shuts down its surge pricing practices to accommodate orders from app users but because #DeleteUber is trending, a lot of online social media users are swearing that they are not going to use the services.

Twitter users everywhere are saying that Uber is not going to see a single dime from them. In other related news, Lyft, which is Uber's main and formidable competitor, may get the excess orders for the service because this tech company joined the union protest. But Uber was quick to respond that they did not mean to break the strike, as reported by The Atlantic. Already thousands of customers have already deleted the app.

In response to the probable loss of income from thousands of its Uber drivers, the tech company says they are financially compensating drivers that have been affected by the strike. #DeleteUber continues to trend in social media.

Millions of Americans are engaged with Uber's driving job opportunity to earn extra money. Even college and university students are licensed drivers being employed by Uber. The service was growing quickly because it enables drivers to work on their own hours and get paid instantly. There are no news reports yet indicating if the app is going to recover.

Check out Uber's response to #DeleteUber via USA Today, below:

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