Student Loan Debt: What College Senior Should Consider


Every year, diplomas are not the only thing that college graduates are taking with them when they graduate. For a significant number of these graduates, finally achieving their hard-earned degree also meant facing their student debt.

The student loan debt in the United States is a something that many adults are trying to break free from. And if you are a college senior, the thought or debt repayment can sound a little too scary. But in order to help you out, here are some advice to help you with your student loan payments.

Know how much you owe

Though this one sound pretty basic, according to Forbes, it is really important for you to find out exactly how much you have borrowed and from whom. You have to be very mindful also of the specific grace period that the public and privates loans allow after your graduation. Also check your credit report regularly if you have a private loan so that you can keep track of it.

Explore your options for lowering your payments

There are payment options you can consider depending on your capacity to pay and according to The Fiscal Times the standard, 10-year repayment plan for federal loans is the best plan, only if you can afford so that you will have to pay less interest compared with the other plans. But if this set up requires very high payment, there are other repayment options that can stretch out your payment plan for as long as 25 years so that your monthly bill is reduced.

Start saving now

Though saving during your senior may not seem much of a priority, saving up and managing your finances wisely while you are in college will put you on the right track after college.

See if your employer can help

There are a growing number of employers who are now extending assistance to their employees who need help when it comes to paying their loans.

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