College Application: How Parents Can Help Their Children With The Process


For any parent, college application seems to be the culmination of their child's high school career and it is usually a tense and anxious experience. During this time, parents will really be expected to behave in certain ways because they have to deal with conflicting ideas, goals and emotions. However, parents should not be taking control of the application process 100 percent, because their primary role is to serve as a guide and support their children during this stressful and emotionally difficult process.

Here are some tips on how parents can help their kids during the college application process.

Set a time table with your child

This is good place to start especially if your child has the tendency to procrastinate, according to US News. It is excellent to start making a calendar or schedule of their to-do's at the beginning of their junior year.

Guide them with making their preliminary list

With the thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, your child might have no idea where to start. Help your child by offering your guidance when it comes to narrowing down their options.

Avoid becoming pushy

According to Forbes, there are some parents who have the tendency to push their children to go specific colleges or take certain college majors, but refrain from doing this. Ask your child what career they want to pursue and discuss it with them.

Be a calming influence

The college application process is filled with moments of high stress and your children may not be used to this. As parents, what you can do is to be empathetic with your children and make them feel that you got their back. Also encourage them to take things slow and take it one step at a time.

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