College Degrees That You Need To Be Successful In Small Businesses


For some people who are considering to take the paths of being an entrepreneur, they think that college education could just be a waste of time. Although there is some truth to successful entrepreneurship without a college degree, holding a degree can definitely help you to start, operate and grow a successful business, according to American Intercontinental University. And while a business administration degree can go a long way in helping you start on the right foot, there are other non-business college degrees that can prepare you for entrepreneurial success, and here are some of those.

Writing and English

According to Entrepreneur, your skills in writing will always be useful in any business because there is no single business out there that will not need professional writing skills. If you are also an expert when it comes to SEO, blogging and other areas of technical writing, you can maximize your skills to open your own SEO company.

Accounting or finance

You also have to have at least a little background on finance. Your ability to understand the financial aspects of your business means a lot to its success.


Communication does not only pertain to your ability to speak to people verbally because it also involves written and non-verbal cues. This is something that you also have to master because one major aspect of a successful business is your ability to work well with people.


While most people think that those who have taken Philosophy in college can only teach, they can also be involved in business and become entrepreneurs. This is because these people are able to practice critical thinking skills and have the ability to think outside of the box, which are all crucial for someone who is starting or owning a small business.

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