Fall in Love with Math with This Virtual Reality Calculator


Not everybody loves Math. In fact, a lot of students dread this subject and find it as one of the more difficult subjects. However, this time, everyone must get ready to fall in love with Math with the new tool that will bring it to life through virtual reality.

A new tool called CalcFlow is now here to make mathematical education more effective with the help of virtual reality, according to Education World. This impressive tool can significantly improve how math is being taught and understood. You will not imagine how it could be so amazing and beautiful.

CalcFlow is a virtual reality application that allows the user to explore mathematical theorems and scenarios in a virtual reality environment. What is more amazing is the fact that it helps you learn mathematical concepts by encouraging your brain to interpret 3D spatial objects. Because of this, you will never look at Math the way you did before as it will no longer feel boring, but rather feel as if you are playing with a new toy.

The way that virtual reality is used in education has captivated the interests of technologists and well as the educators, according to Singularity Hub. Applications using virtual reality have begun to emerge but there is nothing like this amazing invention.

According to Jason Ganz, CEO of Agora VR, VR math simulations are created to change the way most people think and approach numbers, they are going to help us better understand their connection to our lives. The experiences these simulations will create are going to be so engaging that they will reshape the way we teach and learn mathematics.

With virtual reality, deep understand and respect for numbers will be a lot better considering how important math is as it influences almost every single thing we do.

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