Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Pro: 3 Reasons Why It's An Unfair Comparison


Many reports often compare PS4 Pro to upcoming console, Nintendo Switch. It is an unfair competition when the fourth gen PlayStation console is actually categorized in a different class from Switch.

Nintendo Switch's spec down

It's been reported that Switch will have 1 TFlops performance. This statistics translate to a lower-specced console than the PS4 Pro or Xbox One. As far as the graphic is concerned, Switch will be using Maxwell-architecture Tegra chip. The 20nm process isn't likely to beat Pascal-based 16nm process in PS4 Pro.

PS4 Pro - the technically better console - is able to deliver native 4K resolution albeit the lack of 4K Blu-Ray support, Forbes reported. The support allows better visual experience without working too hard like the Switch.

Furthermore, Nintendo's upcoming console might need more efforts in digesting 4K graphics, which according to Gizmodo, can have a few consequences such as battery drop and large storage requirement.

Different market segment

Several reports from various sites including Express, have claimed that when Nintendo Switch is out, it will most likely have a cheaper pricetag than PS4 Pro. This means that Nintendo is aiming at a lower-end market instead of the high-end. This also means that the Switch will sport less-powerful hardware not come out as a monster 4K console like the PS4 Pro.

Graphics vs functionality

All that Nintendo Switch cares about is the functionality. Thus, depends on what a gamer needs - PS4 Pro is capable of delivering top-notch graphics whilst the Switch can be a convenient console that can either be docked or picked.

There is a solid goal behind each console. Whether it is about the budget or specs, the visual experience or the practical consideration; PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch will have their own fanboys.

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