Nintendo Switch will be Backwards Compatible but at A Price?; It could Break The Gamers' Heart for One Reason [VIDEO]


Nintendo finally revealed that the codename 'NX' is now called Nintendo Switch. The device offers both, portable and console options, and it will be available in March 2017.

Nintendo Switch: What is it about?

There were a handful of rumors regarding Nintendo Switch that has been circulating the web since early 2016. After the teaser is revealed, gaming community can fully understand what the Switch is all about. Nintendo Switch packs Tegra processor from Nvidia - it is specifically designed and customized to enhance the performance and gaming experience.

The essence of Switch is like a hybrid device that can be used as handheld and console, Wallstreet Journal reported. The portable device works like Nintendo 3DS but it can also be used on big screen when docked.

There has been no word about the pricing of Nintendo's revolutionary device but a Tesco accidentally listed the product and mentioned £349.99 as the pricepoint. The listing has been removed.

Nintendo Switch can't play Wii U or 3DS games?

A recent report suggests that the Switch may not be compatible with 3DS or Wii U games. According to an internal source who spoke to IGN, the console won't be able to play the physical games because it is not backwards compatible but Nintendo might be offering digital downloads on the eShop.

What do the gamers have to say about Nintendo Switch?

As soon as Nintendo published the Switch teaser, many gamers expressed their disappointment with the lack of 'backwards compatible' feature. They expect that Nintendo would bring versatility in the new Switch without having to download the games in an online store as rumored.

There is no further information on Nintendo Switch as the company promises to reveal more on its launch next year.

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