3 Reasons PS4 Pro is Way Better than PlayStation VR; Here's The Fact, Figure and Features!


For those who have been confused with Sony's latest and popular consoles, PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR, here's a useful comparison on both devices and why the PS4 Pro is better in many ways.

PS4 Pro has better image quality

An obvious improvement that Sony brings to PS4 Pro is the fact that it has noticeably richer textures and sharper image quality. Thanks to the adjusted frame rate that enables PS4 Pro to outshine PlayStation VR. Eurogamer has learned that PS4 Pro gains image details compared to its predecessor - it's got a crisper image quality, which can be considered as a potential improvement.

PS4 Pro is for those with motion sickness

The newest iteration in Sony PlayStation is 4K compatible. While this particular reason has nothing to do with the consoles' internal hardware specifications; it matters in the visual department. Press-Start has claimed that when PlayStation VR was used for intense games, the user quickly experienced motion sickness though it wasn't a lasting one.

PS4 Pro gains smoother graphics movements and simulations - which lead to a better or 'more convenient' visual experience.

More games to come to PS4 Pro

Sony has promised that there will be more titles compatible for PS4 Pro console. When PS4 Pro was introduced for the first time, there are 40 games being enhanced in terms of performance and graphics, as reported in PlayStation official blog. And the list will update to most PlayStation VR games.

PS4 Pro vs PlayStation VR pricing

Both consoles sell for $399. Gamers can opt for cheaper price from major retailers that offer huge Christmas PS4 deals for selected units.

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