Nintendo Switch vs Xbox Scorpio: The 2017 Console War Begins


The 2017 gaming industry is waiting for two big announcements yet to be made - Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo Switch launch.

Nintendo Switch: Everything You Need to Know

Nintendo does not promise the Switch to be powerful. In fact many reports have speculated that it will be less powerful than the PS4, according to BGR. It could be less than 6 Tflops and it's been reported that Switch will use Maxwell chip instead of the latest Pascal-based graphics card.

However, Nintendo Switch promises a fun time playing with bunch of friends while on the go or in the living room. The narrative is acceptable when there is not much selling point in terms of graphics and processor.

As far as the price is concerned, it is safe to assume that Nintendo Switch will come out cheaper than the Xbox Scorpio or the PS4 Pro. This is where the console could win in the market, with a more affordable pricing.

There will not be any revolutionary change from the console, aside from the portability feature but the fanboys out there can expect exclusive titles like the "Legend of Zelda" and "Super Mario"

Xbox Scorpio: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft is betting on the hardware and powerful performance for great visual and gaming experiences. Engadget has learned from Aaron Greenberg that Xbox Scorpio will change the way consumers think about the future of console gaming.  

There will obviously be upgrades in graphics department - like the frame rates and pixel amounts. Xbox Scorpio can play out well for those who have 4K display. Phill Spencer of Xbox has claimed that project Scorpio will be a premium console, Gamespot reported.

With that being the case, it is unfair to compare the Xbox Scorpio with the less expensive Nintendo Switch. There will be price and specs differences; and what gamers want their consoles to do.

As of this moment, every speculated spec and outcome in Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo Switch remains to be seen.


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