10 Most Downloaded PlayStation VR Games; More PS4 News on 'Overwatch Sombra,' 'Red Faction 2'


Looking for a game to play on PS VR? Here are the top 5 most-downloaded games in the console!

PS VR games #1: "Job Simulator"

It seems that the joy in working has been the most favorite stuff to do. The most-favorite PS VR game is the simulator where players can choose to become a chef, a clerk or an office worker.

PS VR games #2: "Batman: Arkham VR"

The Arkham mystery lets player dive into the world of the Dark Knight filled with high-tech weapons and thrilling plots. The game is the second best PlayStation VR game in the US but it ranks the first in EU, Venture Beat has learned.

PS VR games #3: "Until Dawn: Rush of Blood"

The pure terror is not even causing fearsome to the players. The VR experience in the game brings you to the horror classic setting with the monsters coming out from every corner.

Other PS VR games to download this week includes:

  • PlayStation VR Worlds
  • Here They Lie
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  • EVE: Valkyrie
  • Gunjack
  • Harmonix Music VR
  • Sports Bar VR

"Overwatch Sombra" available on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Sombra, the newest character in "Overwatch" is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

There are a few new items rolled out with the update, according to Polygon. Ecopoint: Antartica new map is the first in line whilst the upcoming map entitled Oasis will be released in December.

"Red Faction 2": PS2 game set for release in PS4 console

"Red Faction" and "Red Faction 2" will get green light for PS4 release, GameReactor reported. The original game has been stamped 'Mature' by ESRB whilst the latter still needs to pass the rating system. Once everything is set, both games should be ready for a release in PlayStation 4 console.

Check out the most-downloaded PS VR game #1 below!

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