Amazon Echo, Alexa Dominates Artificial Intelligence Industry While Google, Microsoft Painfully Watching [VIDEO]


Amazon is taking artificial intelligence to the next level through digital assistant Alexa when the company has made surprising moves in the CES technology show in Las Vegas with the introduction of products that run Android system but can access Alexa. Is this a sign that Amazon is dominating the industry while Google is painfully watching? See full details here!

Google's Android System Adopted Amazon Alexa

Huawei is a well-known partner of Google for its Android-operated smartphone. During the CES technology show in Las Vegas, everyone was surprised when the company announced that Amazon's digital assistant Alexa will be integrated to their flagship smartphone released in the United States only, according to Reuters.

Furthermore, aside from the Huawei-made smartphones, other manufacturers such as Whirlpool and Ford Motor Co also showcased their products featuring Alexa. For this reason, Reuters noted that Amazon has an advantage over the search giant when it comes to dominating the artificial intelligence industry.

Despite the fact that NVIDIA, the world's greatest chips maker has featured Google Assistant to their Shield TV, nothing can stop Amazon from opening to many possibilities when it comes to artificial intelligence. It can be recalled that Alexa has made its first appearance to Amazon Echo smart speaker and from then onwards, Amazon has keep on establishing and seeking partnerships for their hardware and software.

Google Cannot Do Something About Alexa

A tech analyst from IHS Technology named Dinesh Kithany reveals the reason why Amazon Alexa has come on top of rivals. According to him, Alexa's rivals such Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana have not been promoted very well, BBC reported.

However, as added by Kithany, manufacturers must think of unique ways to integrate Alexa on their products and have it work in genuinely useful ways. As a result, these manufacturers have thought of putting some new skills to Alexa, not just doing things limited to what Amazon has put into. 

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