MacBook Pro 2017 Rumors: Apple Will Reportedly Lead Bandwagon of High-end Laptops with Intel Kaby Lake Processors [VIDEO]


After the launching of Intel Kaby Lake in CES in Las Vegas, it is presumed that 2017 will be the year of Kaby Lake processors and that Apple will lead the bandwagon of high-end laptops for this year with the introduction of MacBook Pro. See full details here!

Intel Kaby Lake Announced in CES 2017

Intel has announced its latest addition to X and Y generation of CPUs, the Kaby Lake processor in CES 2017 at Las Vegas. According to The Indian Express, the recently launched chipsets are intended to power desktops, laptops and more devices for this year unlike the previous one that were initially launched in August 2016.

So what to expect from the newly launched chipsets? According to the same publication, the chipset-maker company promises to deliver reliability and improved performance with a boost of 20 percent for gaming notebooks and 25 percent for desktops.

Furthermore, Intel Kaby Lake that was delivered through the 14nm+ manufacturing process also aims to enhanced support for videos with 4k resolution with 65 percent faster performance on notebooks and 35 percent boost for desktops. In conclusion, Intel promises to offer speed, responsiveness, security and responsiveness with the new Kaby Lake chipsets.

Will Apple Lead the Bandwagon of Laptops with Kaby Lake this 2017?

It is known to the public that the latest MacBook Pro (2016 model) was launched back in October with Intel Skylake processor. Although some of the loyal fans enjoyed the features of the new mac as well as the high-performing specs, there are also who hopes died down because they expect to experience Intel Kaby Lake.

However, rays of hope are started kicking in for them this 2017 because Apple is reportedly leading the bandwagon of high-end laptops featuring Intel Kaby Lake. According to Forbes, using the latest chipsets from Intel could be the selling point of Apple for MacBook Pro 2017 model. 

If the rumors about MacBook Pro 2017 are true, then the netizens should expect a new mac in the store shelves as early as April or November this year based on Apple's launching calendar. With the new chipset, MacBook Pro is expected to bring in great revenues for the Cupertino giant. 

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