Apple iPhone 8 Rumors: New Smartphone Will Be Tim Cook’s Legacy; Promises Features a Smartphone Should Have [VIDEO]


For the past decade, iPhones released are considered the pieces of Steve Job's brain. This time, with the celebration of iPhone's 10th anniversary, the presumed iPhone 8 will reportedly showcase Tim Cook's legacy for Apple. Find out why!

Apple iPhone 8 Rumored Features and Specs

Apple is heading towards celebrating the 10th year anniversary of iPhones this coming August and for this reason, another iPhone is presumed to be launched by the Cupertino giant. However, rumors suggesting that this year's iPhone would be revolutionary and that basically means, eliminating most of its traditional features as well as specs; thus, leaving it out as Tim Cook's legacy.

To begin with, iPhone 8 innovative features would include a curved plastic OLED screen that comes with a touch ID mounted on the side of the phone. According to MacWorld, the redesigned iPhone 8 is presumed to change the landscape of the smartphone industry.

Furthermore, major specs improvements are also expected from the upcoming iPhone 8 such as enhanced camera features and its processor which is rumored to utilized Apple's new AX11 mobile chipsets. In addition, haptic feedback feature is also expected to upgrade and there is a possibility that iPhone 8 could be the first smartphone in the world to feature the wireless charging technology.

Will iPhone 8 be Apple's Last Hurrah?

A market analyst named Andrew Uerkwitz boldly predicted that iPhone 8 will be he Cupertino giant's last hurrah at least for the smartphone industry. In an interview with MarketWatch, Apple is heading towards a decade of downfall when it comes to generating revenue from their iPhone products because of so many low-cost and second-hand phones that are available in the market today.

Moreover, another market analyst named Monness Crespi Hardt's James Cakmak also had the same prediction and mentioned competitors such as Google and Amazon which slowly dominate not only the smartphone market but also AR and VR realms and video-streaming. Cakmak remarked that Apple will face turbulent times and it may take years for them to go back into the arena again.  

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