AMD Vega Technical Review: Reportedly Surpasses GTX 1080 in Benchmark Results; Has Everything a Graphics Card Should Have [VIDEO]


The excitement is obvious from the crowd of CES 2017 attendees when AMD started teases its new architecture for graphics cards called Vega that is said to be the response of the company to NVIDIA's GTX 1080 which it surpasses based on the benchmark results. Will AMD Vega graphics cards fulfill the dreams of every gamers in the world? See full details here!

AMD Vega Chipsets Technical Review

The soon-to-be released Radeon Vega chipsets are said to be the cutting-edge graphics cards that NVDIA GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 would have to face. According to PC World, AMD has given the codename "Vega" to the new high-caliber 14nm Radeon-based graphics card that was revealed from the AMD roadmaps for the first quarter of 2017.  

However, AMD Vega chipsets will not hit the store shelves in the earlier months of 2017 instead, it is presumed to be for sale on the later months of the first quarter of the year. Nevertheless, despite the waiting, the new chipsets are still highly anticipated because of the following reasons:

  • Fast performance that was showcase during the streaming of "Star Wars: Battlefront" when Vega chips was partnered with Ryzen CPU that resulted to the maxed out 60Hz speed of monitor for 4k streaming
  • High-bandwidth memory called next-gen HBM2 that comes with cache hardware with high bandwidth which is presumed to be an 8GB of RAM as revealed during the "Doom" demo
  • Contributes to saving power by discarding the unused pixel instead of rendering them
  • Has the ability to be the next-gen compute engine that is capable of the following clock speeds: 128 32-bit, 256 16-bit and 512 8-bit.

AMD Vega Release Date 

As the release date of AMD  Vega chips is highly anticipated, speculations suggest that the chips may appear as the Radeon RX 500 at retail stores, according to Gadgets NDTV. The chipsets are expected to hit the store shelves in the last month of the first quarter of this year. 

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