NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Updates: Presumed 4K Graphics Card Reportedly Does Not Exists for Now [REPORT]


Everybody is glued on their chair when NVIDIA CEO presented his keynote during the kickoff night of CES 2017 in Las Vegas. While they patiently wait for the announcement of the high-end SKU GTX 1080 Ti, hopes died down when Jen-Hsun Huang failed to mention the most anticipated graphics card. Did NVIDIA lied about the existence of such card? See full details here!

Why NVIDIA Did Not Mention GTX 1080 Ti in CES 2017?

The disappointment gathered from the crowd during the first night of CES 2017 is similar to what took place when Microsoft failed to introduce the Surface Phones in October 2016. NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti is supposedly the most anticipated thing in CES 2017 because of its promises to deliver high-level of gaming to PCs specifically at 4k resolution due to its powerful specs.

However, instead of mentioning the GTX 1080 Ti, NVIDIA CEO introduced new product lineup that will hit the store shelves anytime soon. Products such as Google Home AI, AI Co-Pilot for Cars and Cloud Gaming Services are among the company's showcases in addition to empowering video games, according to Forbes.

However, despite the no mention for GTX 1080 Ti, NVIDIA still managed to steal the show and put the spotlight on them when CEO Huang introduced the NVIDIA Shield Pro, NVIDIA Spot and GeForce Now. Accordingly, NVIDIA Shield Pro is a potential rival of Amazon Alexa and claims to be the world's most advanced streamer through Shield TV which can only be interacted with using the built-in AI, according to Segment Next.  

NVIDIA Spot, on the other hand, is an AI co-pilot for cars which is programmed to do some lip readings especially for the drivers. Lastly, GeForce Now is a cloud gaming services like Steam in which gamers are able to play even though their PCs do not have an upgraded graphics card.

Is There No Such Thing as NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti?

NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti is supposedly lies between the GTX 1080 and Titan X Pascal but since the company is already making big amount from the two, speculations suggesting that NVIDIA don't need another card for the mean time. Most especially, when the two GPUs are already offering another level of gaming. 

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