‘Clash Of Clans’ Update Theory: Updates That Players Wants To Be Implemented In Game [VIDEO]


Supercell is introducing cool updates in "Clash of Clans." Nevertheless, there are still features that players wants to be included in the game.

"Clash of Clans" received a lot of new stuff this year which included new structures, new hero, upgrades and game modes after kicking out all the cheaters and mods out of the game. Many CoC players. however, are asking for more. Here are some of the most requested features from the CoC fans.

The Need For Gem Mine And Storage

This is probably the most requested feature in "Clash of Clans." However, it's doubtful that Supercell will honor such request as the developer earns a lot of real money from selling them. But perhaps, Supercell will agree to a mine that pumps out a trickle rather than a torrent. This way, it would keep players happy but would not hurt Supercell's bottom line.

Ships To Be Used for Shipment Or Battle

There was a rumor recently circulating that ships would be added soon in "Clash of Clans," according to a Reddit post. Various images of the ship have been seen and it is assumed that Supercell will add a broken ship in the game. CoC players will have to spend some gold or elixir to repair it. There is not much detail what happens after that, but players hoped that the ship can be used to carry loads, such as treasure or troops. Perhaps, Supercell can consider adding a battleship in the game as that would be really cool.

There Should Be More New Troop Types

Supercell introduced the latest Dark Elixir troop, The Bowler on March 2016. Perhaps, the developer could add new troops every once in a while to make the battles more interesting. It doesn't have to look far for inspiration. Clash Royale, one of Supercell's games, has ice type monsters or troops. Wouldn't it be great if some of those units find themselves in CoC?

All of these are still part of a wish list among the CoC playing community. Hopefully, Supercell will implement one or two of these hypothetical features.

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