‘Clash of Clans’ December Update Rumor: Ships Coming, Better Air Defense, New Looks [VIDEO]


While "Clash of Clans" will reportedly have a substantial December update that involves ships, improved air defenses and new looks for its troops, Supercell also recently issued a warning to all CoC cheaters.

The Ships Are Coming, Other Features

There are rumors that "Clash of Clans" will soon have ships added in the game, according to a Reddit poster spAnser who reportedly datamine the game. An image of the rumored ships could be seen here. CoC players who have Town Halls at level four or higher can receive a shipwreck, but if they repair it, a reward of 50,000 gold will be given.

There are also rumors that the ship can be used to search and transport items such as gold and elixir, which means that a new dock structure may be added to the game. Some are speculating that the ships can be used for war although the image does not show signs of weapons on deck.

Other features include new look for units and structure in the game, while troops and buildings will bear red stripes in celebration of the Red Event. The Reddit poster also showed images of the Red Barbarian King and Red Archer Queen in red stripe.

Warning to "Clash of Clans" Cheaters

Supercell posted a warning to all CoC cheaters in the game's official forums. The developer said that they will not hesitate to remove CoC accounts found using third party apps such as bot, mods and any other Clan Wars exploits. The ban are permanent, wherein it covers all Clan members and it's non-negotiable.

"Clash of Clans" Latest Feature

CoC's latest feature is "Friendly Wars," which is basically similar to Clan Wars except no resources or units are spent for the clan castle reinforcements. The new feature can be adjusted in terms of duration and number of participants that can range from five to 50. Wall Breakers now have shorter training time and spell brewing boost only requires one gem.

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