‘Clash Of Clans’ Tips: Secrets Top ‘Clash Of Clans’ Players Use In Game [VIDEO]

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"Clash of Clans" top players share certain secrets in playing and winning the game. Some of those secrets will be revealed here.

Revenge Is A Duty Not An Option

In "Clash of Clans", revenge is a way of life and players are encourage to strike back at their attackers whenever possible by clicking on the "Revenge" option. Players can also see the enemy village first and assess its defenses before launching an assault. Players can also train units that can take down the enemy town provided that the enemy's shield is down. Striking back is also good way to gain gold and elixir loot especially if the village is defended lightly.

Training Troops Converted To Elixir Bank

Barracks is normally used to train troops but it also has another use as well. Players can temporarily bank their Elixir by queuing troops and then cancelling them later when the need arise, according to WOS. Pick the unit that costs the most Elixir such as the Wall Breaker or the Balloon Unit in order to maximize the number of Elixir stored.

Achieving 1250 Trophies Through Town Hall Sniping

Players who achieved 1250 trophies for the first time will be awarded with the "Sweet Victory" achievement and 450 gems. One way of claiming this achievement quickly is via Town Hall sniping. Many "Clash of Clans" players usually placed elaborate defenses on their Town Hall but there are some who placed it outside the walls and unguarded. It is important to note however, that players should also inflict at least 30 percent damage to the village in addition to destroying the enemy town hall.

Lightning Spells Cheap Way To Destroy Mortars

Lighting is the first spell that players are allowed to make in the Spell Factory. "Clash of Clans" Players tend to overlook it once other spells such as Rage and Jump becomes available. However, a four star Lightning Spell can destroy a Level 5 Mortar and possibly weaken nearby defensive structures. This can allow your troops easier passage through the enemy village.

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