Effective Ways To Reduce Stress, Science Shows You How

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We don't really have a choice when it comes to getting stressed because it is inevitable, most especially at work. And while a lot of things can trigger stress in the workplace, there are scientific ways to undo its effects and deal with it.

According to The Muse, a study reported by New York Times suggest that standing up and walking for about 5 minutes can actually improve your mood and combat fatigue. You don't have to go to the gym and perform extreme exercise to move your muscles and exercise your breathing, this simple tip can already do the trick.

Here are a few more of the scientifically proven tips to help your feel relaxed when stress is taking over on your work week.

Chew gum

According to Business News Daily, chewing gum is not only effective when it comes to avoiding the ear popping sensation you experience during a flight, it can also be a helpful way to relieve stress, based on a study. By chewing gum, anxiety and stress can be reduced and alertness levels are increased.

Set aside a time for emails

It is hard not to get stressed with the gazillions of emails popping up in your inbox every now and then but a research suggests that scheduling your emails can help reduce your stress levels. This is because when you limit the number of times you check your email on a daily basis can reduce the tension and your overall stress.

Go green

Studies show that having plants on your desk can help you stay calm and relaxed. It can help reduce your blood pressure, make you more attentive and productive. So if you are stuck in a small work space where work just keeps on piling on, don't get too overwhelmed and bring a tiny plant for a more inspiring environment.

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