Why Complaining is Bad for You, According to Studies


Complaining, just like any others things that are tempting, is bad for you too. And you may not just notice it but you might also be complaining a lot and that's because it feels good. When we get to have our emotions out, it feels a lot better, doesn't it?

However, science suggests that there are a few significant drawbacks from complaining. When you complain, it makes your listeners feel bad and it will start affecting their mood. This kind of negativity will have a direct impact on your brain and on your health.

Steven Parton, an author and student of human nature, explains how complaining can be harmful to your health.

It rewires your brain for negativity

According to neuroscientists, when you have a thought, a bridge is being built in your brain by which electrical signal can cross to pass over the information you are thinking about. This event makes it easier for your brain to have the same thought again. So that's a good news for those who constantly think positivity and not a very good news for those with so much negative thoughts. Over time, how you think will overpower your outlook in life, so when you keep on complaining, it will only get worse and worse until you no longer see the beauty in anything.

You are who you are with

When you keep those negative thoughts and spend time with people who do the same, you will only weaken your capacity for positivity until it consumes you. And that is why you have to make an effort to surround yourself with happy people because happiness is contagious.

Stress is bad for your physical health too

Not only does negativity affect your mental health but it also affects your physical health too. Stress lowers your immune system and increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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