University President Shares Helpful Tips for College-Bound Students


Getting into college can be a stressful time for the whole family, especially to the students who are entering the freshman class. A lot of planning and preparation has to take place for a smooth transition in every stage. While college is going to be an entirely new experience for incoming freshmen students, Santa Oro, a former president of the University of Cincinnati shares with Business Insider some practical advice for college bound students entering the freshman class

Stay focused on your goals and reason why you're going to college

Remember that your ultimate objective is to graduate so you can be who you want to be achieve what you want to accomplish after college. Keep your eye on the prize.

Don't get yourself too overwhelmed with too many classes and too many activities 

Many college students become too excited with college life that they take too many classes and get involved in many organizations and clubs that they become too overloaded leaving them little time to rest. Also, don't hesitate to ask for help from your professors and fellow students.

Look for an organization that will interest you early on

This will make you feel right at home in a large community according to Oro.

Take advantage of the sporting activities and musical events

This is one of the greatest and enriching experience you can get in your college life

Take this opportunity to make a lot of friends

This is one of the greatest chances in your life where you can be surrounded with many different people of many personalities, interests, ambitions and goals. You can definitely be with the people who share the same passion and idealism as you do. Like what Oro would say, the friends that you make in college are the friends that you get to keep for a lifetime.

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