How To Develop And Increase Your Mental Toughness at Work


Have you ever wondered what makes a good leader? How other people accomplish their goals and how others fail? How others achieve success in their career and how others stumble?

If you are wondering what sets these successful people apart, it's about mental toughness. According to research, mental toughness plays a vital role in achieving your goals in business, career and in life in general.

So how can you develop mental toughness and increase it to be more successful at work?

Detach your mind from work as soon as you leave the office

A common mistake a lot of people make is thinking about work even after they have already left work. As soon as you leave the office, make it a habit to forget about the stress and find time for you to be able to recharge. When you are home, there shouldn't be any thoughts on work issues and challenges and divert your attention to anything that will allow mental decompression.

Recharge within the day even at work

Taking some minutes within your day even when you are at work can also help you recharge. When you take short breaks or lunch, make sure to step out of the office or your desk, and take brief walks.

Utilize technology to your advantage

You might be unnecessarily spending too much time checking on your phone, and if you do, it's time to redirect your precious energy and time to the things that are more important and things that will make you more productive.

Give yourself ample time to sleep

There's no better way to recharge than to get a good night's sleep. If you sacrifice your sleep to be more productive, at the end of the day you will still end up doing less because you will lack mental alertness and concentration as you go through your tasks.

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